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Please upload passport copy for all students into Thebing either at time of booking (F-1 students) or on first day of classes (all other students). Also upload entry stamp into Thebing on students' first day. You can find upload fields in the tab "upload" in the student record in Thebing.

F-1 Visa

  • All students applying for the F-1 visa must provide the following documents when applying to CEL:
    • A completed CEL application
    • A copy of the photo page of their passport
    • A bank statement issued within two weeks of their application date
      • Must have enough funds to cover tuition and living expenses ($800-$1000 per month if the student does not book accommodations through CEL)
      • Can be in the student's name or in the name of a family member
      • Does not have to be in English, but it must be in Latin script (example: not in Korean)
    • Execptions to the above requirements (Agencies have special agreements with CEL)
      • Boa Lingua
      • Globo-Study
      • LAL Sprachreisen
      • Travelworks
      • Linguista
      • ESL
  • All F-1 students must take 22 or 30 lessons per week
  • Once booking is confirmed please give file to DSO so they can create the I-20 for the student
  • On F-1 students' first day, check their entry stamp. If it does not have "D/S" written on it, contact the DSO. (D/S=duration of study)

ESTA Visa Waiver

  • Tourists from specific countries who do not need a visa to enter the USA (see link below)
  • ESTA waiver is given for three months
  • Can study a maximum of 20 lessons per week

B-1/B-2 Visa

  • Business/tourist visa
  • Can study a maximum of 20 lessons per week
  • Generally this visa is given for 6 months, but check the stamp inside their passport on their first day to confirm length they are allowed to reside in the USA

F-2 Visa

  • F-2 is a dependent of an F-1 student and is not allowed to study full time
  • Can reside in USA so long as their F-1 sponsor is studying full-time
  • Can study a maximum of 20 lessons per week

Citizens and Green Card Holders

  • Can take any course for any length of time

Misc. Visas

  • Please contact the PDSO or DSO about accepting any students with a visa not listed above

Vacation (e.g. Ramadan) for visa students

  • All students on F-1 visa qualify for three weeks vacation in the USA after 12 weeks of consecutive courses (4 weeks after 24 consecutive course weeks)
    • Exceptions can be made at the discretion of the school director
    • Attendance must be at 85% at the time of the requested vacation
  • All F-1 students are allowed to return to their home country at any time so long as they follow these rules:
    • Must provide a copy of their itinerary to the school
    • Must stay in class through the Friday before their departure
    • Must return to class the Monday after their return to the USA
  • All F-1 students can be out of the USA for a maximum of 5 months