Transfer I-20

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I-20 Transfer In

  • Main menu, select Student Lists, then Students Transferring In
  • Select student, click on left side under Edits, Create I-20
  • Complete as you would an initial I-20 (new student). Include student’s US address
    • You must collect a bank statement issued within three months from agent/student before creating the new I-20 for transfer student
  • Once you submit I-20 from Transfer In section, student becomes Initial Status student.
  • In Initial Status Student section register I-20 as a new student (US address is already included)

I-20 Transfer Out

Student can be set to transfer out in SEVIS once they provide the acceptance letter and transfer form from the new school.

  • Main menu, student list, Active Status Students, select student to be transferred
  • On left side, select Transfer Out
  • Fill in Transfer Release Date (the student’s last day at CEL). If acceptance letter and transfer form is provided before student's last day, set Transfer Release Date to student's last day.
  • Complete Transfer to School, click Select
  • In the box, type in the name of the school the student is transferring to using asterisks before and after the school name. (ex. *College of English Language*) School name must be spelt correctly and written exactly as described by the school’s transfer form. This can sometimes be tricky unless it is marked very explicitly on the transfer form. If you are having trouble, sometimes it is best to just call the school and ask exactly how their school is put into the system and double check the school SEVIS code. Some schools have more than one location so you must make sure you select the correct location. Once the student is transferred, you will not have access to their records anymore.
  • In Remarks, write “Student is in good standing. Transfer out initiated by ___(your name)____ on ___(date)____”
  • Click transfer out
  • Complete by sending the completed transfer form to school either by email or fax