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Transcripts are issued to students who were enrolled for 5 weeks or longer. See steps below:


  1. Start preparing Eval. Checklist Spreadsheet (copy and paste the exiting student's information // check level and teacher)
  2. Check and update students information in Thebing - Insurance Tab (levels // start and completion dates per level // # of weeks // Teacher // Level Up scores)


  1. Generate and print Student Evaluation and Grades for Teachers (make sure that all the grades are entered in Thebing)
  2. Update Teachers Due Document Spreadsheet - Evals folder
  3. Distribute the Eval to the teachers (not later than Wednesday 8:30 am)
    • Highlight the student name and the "will be leaving" on the document - so teachers know that this is the last Eval

Teachers have until Wednesday - before they leave to return the form to Student Services Team.

WEDNESDAY As soon as Student Services Team gets back the Student Evaluation:

  1. Update Teachers Due Documents Spreadsheet - Evals folder
  2. Update the grades in Thebing - Insurance Tab
  3. Stamp the form as entered and sign it
  4. Scan and Upload the Student Evaluation for Teachers (1st page) - GD > Student Services > Student Documents and Uploads (i.e.: Juliana Sparacino Student Evaluation Advanced B)
  5. Start preparing the Transcript (see details below)


GD > Student Services > DT or PB - Eval Checklist 2017


  1. Export the departure list from Thebing
    • Thebing > Student Lists > Departure List > Choose Friday date on both dates > Export
  2. Copy and Paste some information from the export list to Eval Checklist: Surname, First Name, End Date Course, Weeks at CEL, Last Level and Last Teacher
  3. Double check and add some other information as: Feedback invited date, Feedback answered date, First Level and Transfer from/to

Note: There'are some rules/formula already in the spreadsheet.


TUESDAY After entering all grades from the prior week:

  1. Go to Thebing > Invoices > Search by student's name > Documents > New > Student Evaluation and Grades for Teachers > Save
  2. Print the document (print on both sides of paper) - if there's more than 1 page, staple all together.
  3. Write the teacher's name on top and highlight the student's name and "will be leaving"
  4. Update Teachers Due Documents - Evals folder

All Evaluations will be given to the Supervisor for review and distribution

  • Supervisor will check the evals against the Teacher Document Follow Up List to verify each eval is accounted for and will distribute the evals for the Teachers

Teachers Prepare Evaluations:

  • Teaches will review the students attached weekly grades and write the average grade on the evaluation form (Letters)
  • Evals are due Wednesday afternoon before the teacher leaves

Completed Eval Data Entry:

  • Student Services will identify the date that the eval was received from the teachers on the Teacher Due Documents checklist.

Google Drive > Student Services > 2017 Teacher Due Document > Click on the Evals tab. Director/ Assistant Director will follow-up with any teachers who have not turned in the documents on time

  • Student Services will enter the data accordingly in Thebing - Insurance Tab

Entering grades in Thebing Thebing > Invoices > Search by student's name > Insurances Tab

  1. Check if you have Start Date, Total weeks in Level, Completion Date and Teachers Name
  2. Enter grades - Letter format and capital
  3. Save

Following are some notes to remember when entering eval data:

  • First Level: This box is checked for the corresponding level within the student's first week.
  • Start Date:
    • The start date for the first level will be a Monday - this date is entered in the student's first week.
    • The start date for a new level when a student has leveled-up is the Tuesday they begin the new level.
  • Weeks in Level:
    • This can be determined by counting the weeks in the "Classes" tab of the Student Invoice Record. Remember, if they change class on Tuesday, that week is counted in the new level.
    • The total weeks in level will NOT include any weeks they were on vacation. There will be a note in the transcript to identify the vacation time-lapse.
  • Completion Date:
    • If the student has NOT completed the level, this field should be overwritten as ---
    • If the student has completed the level and leveled-up, this date should be the the Monday before starting a new level.
  • Teacher: Name of the teacher who completed the evaluation for the respective level.
  • Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary, Participation, Cooperation, Homework:
    • Letter grades given by the teacher.
    • May include N/A if the teacher determines he/she cannot evaluate the student in a particular area.
    • Basic A Level HAS NO Level Up Listening Test - fields (Level up - Listening - Basic A // Level up - Listening (Date passed) - Basic A // Level up - Listening (Attempts #) - Basic A) should be overwritten as N/A
  • Level Up Grammar/Writing/Listening/Speaking:
    • Percentage of level-up exam section for each skill.
  • Level Up Grammar/Writing/Listening/Speaking (Date Passed):
    • Date the level-up section was passed for each skill.
  • Level Up Grammar/Writing/Listening/Speaking (Attempts #):
    • Number of attempts to pass the level-up section for each skill.


Thebing > Invoices > Search by student's name > Insurances Tab

  • When the student's grades, weeks attended, and/or level up scores are verified in Thebing, click on Documents.
  • When the dialog box pops up, select New
  • Under Template*, select CEL Transcript.
  • Thebing will generate the transcript but the template will need adjustments. To make changes to the transcript, select Fullscreen.

  • The formatting of the Transcript must be adjusted so that there is only one "space" between each section.
  • Using the Backspace and/or Delete buttons on the keyboard, remove excess spacing between sections.
  • The section containing the Student's Name and enrollment dates has special directions to maintain formatting:
    • Place the cursor on the right end of the first section and then press Enter.
    • Now spaces may be deleted without messing up the format.
  • For any mistakes, press Ctrl+Z to undo and try again.

6. Starting at the sections describing Levels, these sections must be separated with a line as the "one space".

  • Lines must be before and after each section, including a final line after the last section.
  • To insert a line where there is none, highlight an existing line and press Ctrl+C.
    • Place the cursor where you want the copied line to go and press Ctrl+P.

7. The format for the dates must be changed to Mmmm DD, YYYY format.

  • The months of May, June, and July can be spelled out in full.
  • Longer months must be abbreviated to the first three letters with a period (.) after.
    • Example, September 05, 2016 must be changed to Sep. 05, 2016.
  • Numerical Dates must change to reflect the Mmmm DD, YYYY format.

8. When you are satisfied that all the adjustments have been made, exit by clicking the Fullscreen icon.

9. Select Save.

10. Click on the PDF icon to check the formatting of the Transcript.

11. When a transcript has more information and goes beyond one page, sometimes the formatting splits a section between two pages. This must be adjusted.

  • Close the PDF preview tab and select the student's transcript so that it is highlighted.
    • Select Edit.
    • Select Fullscreen to make adjustments.
  • Go to the section that has been split and add a new line after the line in that section.
  • Using the Enter key on the keyboard, add one or two more spaces.
    • Exit "Fullscreen", "Save," and select the PDF icon to preview the Transcript once more.
  • Repeat as necessary until the split section is fully adjusted to fit on one page.


For students that have been enrolled for Less than 5 Weeks:

On the Thursday before a student leaves, Student Services must check their attendance for that week and update in Thebing to give a more accurate attendance rate.

  • For students enrolled for 5 weeks or longer, the last week's attendance is not counted.

Loading Blank Certificates in the Printer Tray

  1. Count out the number of blank certificates needed for each exiting student.
  2. Open Tray 1 and load the certificates with the image FACE-UP and the CEL Logo positioned on the LEFT.

Generating the Certificates

Certificates are created for ALL students exiting the school. To generate the certificates:

  1. Open Thebing and select Classes.
  2. On the side menu, select Class Scheduling to open the drop-down menu.
  3. Select Certificates.
  4. Select all the students.
  5. Click on Documents.
  6. Under Template*, select CEL Certificate of Participation.
  7. Click Save.
  8. When the dialog box opens, click the link that says "Please click here to open a PDF with all documents".
  9. The PDF will open in a new tab.
    • Select the printer icon.
    • Adjust the printer destination to Ricoh Aficio PM C3300 PCL 6.
    • Make sure Two-Sided is UNCHECKED.
  10. Select Print.
  11. Student Services must sign each certificate.

Preparing Folders and White Board