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  • Send email from Thebing about possible shifts if we know the week before that shifts will definitely happen.
    • Go to Attendance - Overview - Select the next week and "Attendance per student" and select one level at a time (DO NOT SEND TO STUDENTS WITH NO LEVEL, THE NEXT WEEK IS THEIR FIRST WEEK. DO NOT SKIP AN LEVELS THAT WE KNOW, INTERNALLY, WILL NOT BE IN SHIFTS, WE WANT TO SEND IT TO EVERYONE, NO MATTER WHAT)
    • Select all students in that level and click on communication - Choose the Shifts Warning template
      • Be sure to make any necessary changes to the template if there is a holiday the next week. (ie. Monday holiday means that they will have to check their app on Tuesday afternoon instead)
    • Send the email
  • Send email to students with class change notice if possible on Monday afternoon (after roster is locked)
    • Go to Classes - Attendance Register
    • Select the class that has been changed into, or out of, a shift (Director will let us know)
    • Select all students
    • Select Communication and Class Schedule Change Notice (Shifts) template
    • Send to all students
  • Respond to complaint emails regarding shifts:
    • If a student complains you can send them an automated response from Thebing
    • In Classes - Attendance register, find the student and select communication
    • Choose the Shift complaint response email and send to the student.
      • the email covers all of the main points we want to keep telling students if they have any complaints about shifts. If they have additional complaints when they arrive to the school, please reiterate what is in the email. If they really need to, they can speak wot the director/ asst. Director, who will explain it as well.