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After the walking tour, FASD will take a group picture in front of the school. Student Service Coordinator needs to make sure to get this picture right after it was taken so we can use it for the Social Media.


Taking Pictures with Webcam.

  • Set up the camera - student service coordinator computer by inserting the USB into the port on the computer tower.
  • In Thebing- Students > Student ID Cards .
  • Search for the Student’s name.
  • Click on Webcam.
  • Position the camera so the student is in focus and then Click on "Make a picture".
  • Save Record.
  • Close the dialog box.
  • Repeat for each student.

Uploading Pictures without Webcam

In case the webcam is not functioning properly or is not available, you can use your cell phone to take pictures and upload and edit them on the Student Services computer.

  • Make sure to save these images where you can easily retrieve them to upload to Thebing.
  • Save the images using a name such as Student_Picture.

Editing Pictures before Uploading

When you open the image in the editing program on the computer:

  • Select the Crop tool's drop-down menu.
  • Hover over Proportion and select 8 x 10.
  • Adjust the crop rectangle as you see fit.
  • Press "Enter" on your keyboard to apply the crop.
  • Closing the photo editing program will automatically save the image edits.

When Images are ready to Upload to Thebing

  • Go to Students > Student ID Cards in Thebing.
  • Search for the student and open their record.
  • Under the "Uploads" tab, upload the picture for Photo ID
  • Save record.


The backs of the ID cards must be printed first. To do this:

  1. Go to the Desktop on the Student Services computer and select the desired school ID back PDF document.
  2. Using the Magicard Enduro Printer, load the number of blank ID cards needed.
    • On the pop up window:
      • Change the number of ID cards needed to print
      • Change the printer to Magicard Enduro+ (V2). *Note: If this doesn't start the printer, then change the printer to Magicard Enduro+ (V2) (Copy 1)
    • Select Print.
  3. When these have finished, place the cards face-down in the card loader on the Magicard Enduro printer to mimic the example shown.
    • Now the ID cards are ready for printing Students' information and pictures.

Printing the front of the ID cards

  1. On Thebing, go to Students > Student ID Cards.
  2. Select all students that need ID cards
  3. Click on Documents.
  4. Click on New and choose the Student ID template.
  5. Save Document
  6. Open PDF File and Print with Magicard Enduro printer.