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A/R Payment reminders

Upcoming students


  • Accountant needs to take care that A and B agents pay on time
  • Most agents pay 2 - 3 weeks prior to the start, but we have exceptions
  • We have a few top agents who pay at the end of the month of the clients start. These agents are: ESL, Kolumbus Sprachreisen, Yes Atlas, Dialog, Travelworks
  • We have a few top agents who pay around 6 weeks after the start. These agents are Boalingua, Study Global, LAL
  • AILS doesn’t pay the full amount for long stays, but they pay for the first 4 weeks (or more) and then monthly
  • Other top agents who bundle payments are Linguland/Study Advisor, Media Touristik (Globostudy, Linguista), Studylingua
  • Generally speaking we mostly use the template “friendly payment reminder” - before using the “harder versions”, please doublecheck with Chris or Patrick
  • Gross paying agents are treated like direct students in terms of reminder. In these cases, we send the payment reminders directly to the client

Direct clients

  • Direct clients should pay the deposit invoice within 3 days (registration fee plus accommodation placement fee and express mail fee if applicable). They should pay 6 weeks before arrival
  • For clients with accommodation booked through CEL we always need the payment more than 2 weeks prior to the start, otherwise we have to cancel the accommodation to avoid paying cancellation fees
  • If a client with accommodation hasn’t paid on time (meaning by the Thursday 2 weeks prior to the start, the housing team needs to be informed and asked to cancel the accommodation
  • Our housing teams have Trello boards to make sure we don’t forget any client with housing:
  • Accountant will send reminder to clients for missing payments
  • We have different templates according to the payment type (deposit vs. outstanding amount) and how long the payment is due (friendly vs. more demanding vs. final)
  • Direct clients need to pay upon arrival the latest (valid only for course only bookings)
  • School director should talk to students on first day at school to make sure they pay on time. If they haven't paid by Wednesday 12:20 the latest, students are no longer allowed to go to class


  • Invoice to be sent to accounting team of SACM (Rose)
  • SACM will send a check per student

Invoice due dates for clients

  • The due date is the date, when the amount needs to be paid
  • Direct clients get 2 invoices: one for the deposit (registration fee, accommodation placement fee and express mail fee) which is due within 3 days after booking and one for the rest which is due 6 weeks prior to the start (for C agents with a deposit, the same procedure applies)
  • We have set all due dates for clients in Fidelo
  • Due dates differ per agent (see A,B,C agents)
  • Direct clients must pay accordingly
    • 1st downpayment
    • Outstanding amount
  • Agents
    • Most agents have to pay 2 - 3 weeks before the course start
    • Agents with long term business relationship with CEL have other payment terms. This can include payments after arrival
  • All payment terms are set up in Fidelo and will be pulled on the invoice accordingly
  • The due date in each invoice will make the payments appear in red if a payment is due

How to check pending payments

  • Go Accounting -> Incoming Payments -> Client payments
  • Adjust time frame if needed
  • Select payment status “due payments”
  • Sort by agent (click on the column header “Agent”)
  • Check each student
  • If students have more than one invoice, please go to “Bookings” and open the invoice section and check the individual invoices. Sometimes this can be invoices generated before the student’s arrival (e.g. deposit + final invoice, difference invoice for additional services booked), but sometimes these are related to extensions on site.
  • For extensions on site, we don’t send payment reminders through Fidelo, but the admissions team needs to be informed and they chase the client for the payment. This is done through Trello. So the accountant needs to add all pending payments on site to the corresponding Trello board of the admissions team:

How to send a payment reminder through Fidelo

  • Go Accounting -> Incoming Payments -> Client payments
  • Select one or multiple students
  • Click on communication
  • Select the template
  • Text will come up accordingly
  • Select recipient
  • CC the school for direct students
  • Attach invoice (and/or balance if wanted/needed)
  • Click Send
  • E-mail will be sent and saved in history
  • Payment reminder with date plus number of reminders will come up in the overview this doesn’t come up always immediately (Bug in Fidelo)
  • After sending a payment reminder, Fidelo re-sorts the clients (Bug in Fidelo) within their sorting. This means all clients from one agency might be sorted differently after sending a reminder to one of them. This is especially tricky with direct student. Therefore the list needs to be reviewed carefully not to miss any client.