Pay SEVIS/1-901

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CEL pays the SEVIS/I-901 fee for F-1 students from the following agencies: Boa Lingua,, Linguista, Globo-Study.

SEVIS/I-901 fees can be paid at

  • Click Form I-20, then OK
  • Enter Surname/Primary Name
  • Enter Given Name
  • Enter SEVIS ID Number (minus the initial N)
  • Enter Date of Birth
  • Continue to next page
  • Enter student's home address
  • Enter CEL's email in Email Address
  • Enter Gender
  • Enter City of Birth
  • Enter Country of Citizenship
  • Enter School Code
    • SND214F00252000 (SD DT)
    • SND214F00252001 (SM)
    • Agent will not provide passport so leave blank
  • Click I Accept
  • Enter in designated credit card details
  • Review all information is correct
  • Submit and print one copy
  • Save one copy in Google Drive: CEL College of English Langauge - I-901 SEVIS receipts - (school) - (month)
  • Submit the printed copy by email with first page of I-20 to agency for review
  • Once confirmed, send SEVIS receipt with I-20 to agent