Faculty Management

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New Teacher Training:

  1. HR meeting with the Director - collect Hire documents, walk through the Orientation Packet, and cover critical point in handbook. - Google Presentation 30 minutes
  2. New Teacher Training with Lead teacher - Checklist and hands-on Google Drive training 1.5 hours
  3. Observations - 1 hour for each broad level (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced) 3 hours
  4. Level Induction 1 hour +
    • Azar resource materials instruction - T guide, Fun with Grammar, WB & test bank
    • Explaining the curriculum documents
    • Explaining the Block Schedule
    • Rubrics and how/when to use them
    • Introduction to commonly used materials
    • Understanding and teaching key grammar points - as they arise
    • Weekly meetings to cover curriculum specifics
  5. Novice teachers 1 hour +
    • ESL basics - strong and weak skills common to specific cultures, knowing how to ID individual student’s strengths and weakness and what to do with that knowledge
    • Recommended PD based off preliminary evaluation and classroom observation
    • Brown bag lunches offered monthly to deal with frequently encountered issues in the classroom or level

  • Novice Teacher Monitoring:

Teachers will be monitored by their lead teacher as well as a member of the education team (either the Director or Assistant Director of Education).