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New Student

  • Main menu, select “New Student”
  • Visa Type: F-1
  • Fill in Surname/Primary Name and Given Name. If student has more than one Given Name/Middle Name, add additional Given Name/Middle Name on same line. If a student has an accent or umlaut in their name, remove it. For umlauts, the “ö” becomes “oe”. For example, Möller becomes Moeller.
  • Fill in passport name if passport copy is given
  • Preferred Name, leave blank unless student prefers a different spelling of their name than the one listed in Surname/Primary Name and Given Name
  • Complete date of birth, gender, country of birth, and country of citizenship
  • Issue Reason, select “Initial Attendance”
  • Fill in email address if available
  • Fill in foreign address (must be student's home address. Agency address is not acceptable)
  • Education Level: Select, Language Training
  • Primary Major Code: 32.0109
  • Secondary Major Code: 00.0000
  • Normal Length of Study: 12
  • Fill in start and end dates
  • English Proficiency Required: No, write “School program is ESL”
  • Number of months in Academic term: however many months the student will be enrolled at CEL. If student booked a course which ends in the middle of a month, round up to the next month.
  • Fill in tuition and fees as total gross amount of course + registration fee in Thebing. Subtract any special discounts from gross amount. For example, Brazilian discount will be subtracted from total gross amount
  • Fill in living expenses as total gross amount of accommodation fees + accommodation placement fee. If housing was partially booked or was not booked at all through CEL, approximate $250/week.
    • If a student comes through the following agencies, the agency financially guarantees their students and they do not need to submit a bank statement. Instead, total up the tuition and fees and living expenses. Student’s personal funds will be “0” and Funds from other source will be the total amount. Source type will be agency’s name.
      • Boa Lingua,, Globo-Study, Linguista, ESL, LAL Sprachreisen, TravelWorks, AILS
  • In remarks, write “Medical insurance is required”
  • If student has no dependents, hit submit
  • Print first page of I-20. Do not sign it. On signature line, write “Copy for student’s file”. Scan copy to agent/student.
  • Once agent confirms all is correct, original I-20 can be sent by regular mail or express. Make sure I-20 is signed on the first page in blue ink by DSO.
  • Tick boxes in Thebing Student Record visa tab, “bank statement”, “I-20 generated” and write date I-20 was mailed.