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Attendance is printed and distributed to the teachers as follows:

  • Monday mornings (before 8:30 a.m).

Print Monday classes - morning and afternoon and distribute them in the teachers boxes.

  • Tuesday mornings (before 8:30 a.m).

Print Tuesday to Friday classes - morning and afternoon, and distribute them in the teachers boxes.

Verify with Director/ Assistant Director of Education that the roster is locked before printing - on both days


To Print the Attendance from Thebing:

  • Go to Tailor Made Overview in the Classes Section
  • Filter by "Attendance" in the top left corner
  • Confirm you are looking at the correct week
  • Export the document to PDF
  • Custom Print - Type specific pages to select the ones you want to print
  • Verify you have all the correct attendance forms printed

Before printing: Follow up with the Director or Assistant Director of Education about any discrepancies (e.g. missing teacher name, wrong room assignment, etc.)

After you print, export data and track the return

  • Thebing:
    • Go to Class Scheduling > Classes
    • Export the data (excel sheet)
    • Check the physical copies against the data
  • Google Drive:
    • Open 2017 Teachers Documents Due > Attendance tab
    • Copy and Paste the data from the excel sheet to the 2017 Teacher Documents Due (Teacher Name/Week/Class Name/Class Time)
    • Add manually: Printed date
    • Add manually: Due date :

- For Monday attendance add Tuesday due date (e.g: Printed date: 01/09 // Due date: 01/10) - For Tuesday to Friday attendance add Friday due date (e.g: printed date: 01/09 // due date: 01/13)

  • Add #sheet in the same order and write it down on the attendance sheet


Teachers are required to turn in their attendance as follows:

  • on Monday afternoon for Monday classes
  • on Friday afternoon for Tuesday - Friday classes

Update the "2017 Teachers Documents Due" spreadsheet on the Google Drive

  • Update the document as soon as you receive the document from the teacher - add received date
  • On the following Monday, check if there's any attendance missing. Reprint them and stamp "COPY" with a message to the teacher (e.g: Dear teacher, we haven't received these attendance. Please complete and return them until tomorrow. Thanks. "
  • If for the second time the teacher doesn't return, reprint and give them to the Director.


Attendance will be entered ONLY on Friday afternoons and Monday mornings

  • Thebing:
    • Go to classes > Attendance > Register
    • Select the week
    • Make sure the filter "Att-Saved" = No
    • Filter by class and/ or teacher.
    • You should have the same EXACT list on your screen as the teacher's paper copy (no more students and no less)
    • You can sort the list in Thebing by clicking on the Student ID to have the list in the same order as the physical copy

Attendance is calculated based on absences:

    • 1 lesson = 45 minutes
    • 2 lessons = 1 hr 30 minutes
    • 3 lessons = 2 hr 15 minutes
    • 4 lessons = 3 hr 00 minutes
  • The line must be highlighted, the check box must be clicked, and you must SAVE the line to save the changes
  • Add the date you entered that attendance sheet in Thebing to the column in the Teacher Document for Follow-Up
  • Make sure that you're entering the correct attendance in the correct class
  • Don't forget to save every time after you change something


The following are examples of excused absences

  • Doctor's note (approved by Director)
    • All doctor's notes will be collected and entered with the attendance entry only on Friday afternoons
    • Student Services will collect Shannon's signature
    • Go to Thebing > Classes > Attendance > Register > Search by Student Name > Check the box
    • Delete the absence and make a note in the note section > Don't forget to save the change (e.g. Dr. Notes 01/01/2017)
    • Doctor's notes will be scanned and uploaded to the Student Records on the Google Drive (Student Name + Dr. Notes + Date)
  • Day trips organized through FASD
    • FASD must update the "Excused Activities" spreadsheet on the Google Drive - SD Student Services by Friday at 12 pm.
    • FASD trips will be entered with the attendance entry only on Friday afternoons
    • Go to Thebing > Classes > Attendance > Register > Search by Student Name > Check the box
    • Delete the absence and make a note in the note section > Don't forget to save the change (e.g. FASD Zoo - 01/01/2017)
  • Level Up Exam
    • All Level Up Notes will be added on Friday afternoons with the attendance entry.
    • Verify students are not marked absent according to students on level up spreadsheet
    • Go to Thebing > Classes > Attendance > Register > Search by Student Name > Check the box
    • Delete the absence and make a note in the note section > Don't forget to save the change (e.g. Level Up 01/01/2017)
  • Special circumstances with evidence provided (academic trips to visit prospective university, get a new passport in LA, etc.) - it needs to be approved by Shannon.


  • Go to Classes > Attendance > Overview
  • Select the from and until weeks to get all the students who are at school in any of the weeks selected
  • Ability to search student by name
  • Ability to filter by multiple filters
  • Attendance "time frame" vs. "total time frame"
    • Column "time frame" indicates the attendance for the selected weeks
    • "Total time frame" indicates the total attendance for the student. It takes into consideration all weeks of the students for which the attendance has been inputted


If a student ask for his attendance - how many days can they still miss?

  • Use the Attendance Math/Attendance Inquiry form

Found in the Google Drive > SD Student Services > Student Request Forms

  • Print the form (2 sided)
  • Follow the example given. You will have to know the following student information: Lessons per week/Weeks at CEL/Dates and Lessons missed