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  • It is possible for students on the B1B2 visa to change to the F1 without leaving the USA.
  • CEL does not offer assistance at this time to potential students on the B1B2 visa who want to change to F1.
  • We reccommend that they contact another school for help with this change in visa ststus.
  • It is not possible for ESTA tourists to change from ESTA to F1 visa without leaving the USA.
  • The only option for those in the USA with ESTA to change to F1 visa is to depart the USA and apply for the F1 visa in their home country.

F-1 Visa Holders

Greencard Holders/US citizens

  • Greencard holders and US citizens are free to take any class at CEL for any length of time
  • The students must present proof of their greencard or citizenship prior to the start of their course

Other visas

  • All other visas can be found on the document below. Please speak to PDSO about the possiblity to accept students with other visa types
    • Link to visa document

I-515A Notice

  • Occasionally CEL DSOs will be notified via email that a student has been issued a form I-515A, This form means a student entered the US with a valid visa but without their I-20
  • Collect the I-515A form from the student along with the I-94
  • Check the box marked on the form and follow instructions
    • Generally it includes collecting the form I-515A, I-94 and newly printed I-20
  • Mail to address on second page
  • When returned via mail, give documents to student